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Passion fruit automatic pulp shell separation unit

Passion fruit automatic pulp shell separation unit
detailed introduction:

Passion fruit automatic pulp shell separation unit is our company's technical research  development personnel based on the market's quality demand for passion fruit pulp, combined with the technical requirements of processing equipment for fruit pulp processing enterprises, the use of centrifugal physics principles, which lasted nearly three years, after repeated research  development testing , Developed by innovation. This unit  only has high pulp output, good quality, high degree of automation, safety  reliability, but also reduces the labor force of nearly a hundred people. It is a model for converting labor-intensive processing into automatic production line processing  has good economic  social benefits.

Traditional passion fruit extraction is manual cutting  digging, which requires large labor costs, low output,  can  guarantee quality  hygiene. With the recent shortage of domestic labor  a large increase in labor compensation, the labor cost of extracting pulp has increased significantly, making processing enterprises unbearable,  economic benefits cannot be guaranteed. With the increasing demand for passion fruit pulp in the domestic consumer market, the quality requirements for fruit pulp are also getting higher  higher. This passion fruit pulp shell separation unit  only greatly reduces labor, but also has high unit output, high juice rate, good quality, hygienic guarantee, stable  reliable equipment operation,  at the same time safe production  easy operation. It is currently a new type of optimized passion fruit pulp in China. Shell automatic separation processing equipment.


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