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How to clean scale in brewing equipment


Whether it is a winery  brewing by yourself, winemaking equipment is often used. Usually, the winemaking equipment is made of aluminum  stainless steel. After using for a long time, scale will be generated. We are ignored. However, there are scales in the equipment for a long time, which will inevitably affect the taste of the wine. Today, food machinery manufacturers will bring you several methods to clean up the dirt in the brewing equipment:

The first is acid pickling, pickling commonly used nitric acid solutions, plus boiler protection agents  other professional formulas, which are cleaned by special cleaning companies with special equipment, so that the scale in the brewing equipment can be effectively cleaned.

The second step is alkaline washing. Sodium phosphate  sodium dihydrogen phosphate are used as the main additives for cleaning. It can also achieve very good cleaning purposes.

The acid washing is cleaned with an acid-resistant pump in a cycle,  the cleaning effect is regularly checked during the washing process. After the washing is completed, it is neutralized with an alkaline solution  rinsed with water. Alkaline washing: Soak  warm with alkaline solution,  judge the cleaning effect according to the empirical value. After cleaning, rinse with water.

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