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Food machinery manufacturers How to use pasteurizer equipment


Application of pickled vegetables sterilization cooling line: It can better preserve the nutrition  natural flavor of food. It is a good product in all sterilizers. At present, China's manufacturing industry is quite developed,  the development is also moving forward. The pickled vegetable sterilization  cooling line series are divided into: rolling bar pasteurizer, flexible packaging pasteurization line, spray pasteurizer  so on.

Pasteurizers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical  other industries require waterbath sterilization of some packaged products. The products of the backpack family are placed on a stainless steel mesh belt with adjustable speed. After being sequentially sterilized under the action of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is evenly cooled in the cooling box to meet the product sterilization requirements. This series of equipment runs continuously,  the sterilized packaging products are continuously sent to the next production process.

Winemaking machinery manufacturers, pasteurizer use:

The geared motor of this equipment uses a 380V three-phase four-wire power source, which must be wired by a professional electrician.

(1) Connect the power cord. Correspond to the link according to the label of the power supply. It is strictly forbidden to connect 380V with 220V. (Note: test the rotation after connecting the wire, check if the geared motor is reversed!)

(2) The steam source is connected to the steam inlet to heat the water to the required sterilization temperature. The device is equipped with an automatic temperature measuring device. When the temperature reaches the temperature required for sterilization, the device can automatically turn off the steam source. When the temperature is lower than the sterilization temperature, the device can automatically turn on the steam source.

(3) Turn on the main power switch. The main power switch uses an emergency stop switch design to prevent accidents. An emergency stop of the device is possible.

(4) Start the mesh belt running switch,  the material starts to enter the sterilization line.

(5) Start the water pump switch  start spray sterilization.

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