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What are the materials of brewing equipment?


Winemaking equipment is a tool for steaming wine. There are usually many materials used to make winemaking equipment, such as clogs, iron plates, aluminum alloys, ceramics, copper, stainless steel, etc. Different materials directly affect the output  quality of wine. This kind of material is suitable for us to make brewing equipment. The brewing machinery manufacturers analyze the following different materials as follows.

Common brewing equipment are:

1.Mu Zhen

The cost is cheap, but Mu Zhen is made up of pieces of wood, there are gaps between the woods, the sealing is  good,  the cooling performance of the sky pot is  good, which causes the wine vapor to run out, reducing the output by about 20%, which is cheap  expensive.

2.Iron sheet

Of course, the cost is also cheap, but the iron skin is easy to rust. The steamed wine is rusty  the color turns yellow, which affects the quality of white wine.

3.Aluminum alloy

Will  rust  is  resistant to high temperatures. Aluminum alloy contains lead, which is decomposed during the steaming process, which affects the quality of liquor  contains carcinogens. The National Food Sanitation Law stipulates that aluminum alloys cannot be used to make food utensils.


The use of ceramics for steaming wine can make wine taste good, but ceramics have a slow thermal conductivity, long steaming time,  waste fuel.  it is  easy to move  fragile, it is also cheap to buy expensive to use.


Copper ion can improve the quality of liquor  is a good brewing equipment material, but the cost is expensive. A small device costs tens of thousands of yuan.

6.Stainless steel

There are steels for industrial  food use. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers have suggested that 8K304 steel is usually used for food, which is resistant to acid, alkali  high temperature. It has a long life of 10 years, good thermal conductivity, good cooling  sealing performance, can ensure the production  quality of liquor,  the production cost is moderate. It is a good choice for making winemaking equipment.

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