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Foodmachinerymanufacturers Design Features of Dryer Bag Dust Collector


1. Pulse ash cleaning technology is adopted, which has strong ash cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small air leakage coefficient, low energy consumption, small steel consumption, small footprint, stable  reliable operation  good economic benefits. Mainly used in flue gas treatment in power, building materials, metallurgy, chemical  other industries.

2. The box body adopts air-tight design, good sealing performance, excellent sealing materials for inspection doors, kerosene leak detection during the production process,  low air leakage rate. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers

3. Compact inlet  outlet air ducts  uniform devices, small airflow resistance.

4. It adopts separated room stop pulse cleaning, which has a long cleaning cycle  low consumption, which can double the life of the dust bag  the electromagnetic pulse valve.

5. The bag can be changed without stopping,  maintenance will  affect the normal operation of the equipment.

6. The upper bag extraction method is adopted to improve the operation of bag changing.

7. Perfect control system to ensure long-term operation of the dust removal system.

8. It is suitable for the flue gas components of various dryers, especially for the situation  one dryer is used to dry a variety of materials,  it also adapts to the wide range of fluctuating flue gas properties.

9. The process layout is simple. Since this type of dust collector can directly handle high-concentration dust-containing exhaust gas, first-level dust collection can be used in the dust removal system of the dryer exhaust gas, which simplifies the process  reduces system resistance  power consumption.

10. Advanced control technology, high degree of automation, simple  convenient maintenance management.

11. A new type of anti-condensation filter material is specially designed for the dust removal of the dryer, which strengthens the moisture resistance  anticorrosion performance of the filter material, which  only prolongs the service life of the filter material, but also ensures good ventilation performance.

12. The system technology design is advanced  the process parameters are set reasonably, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the entire system  strengthen the ventilation of the system. Improving the heat exchange performance of the dryer is conducive to increasing output  reducing the final moisture content of the material being dried.

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