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Dust removal process of dryer pulse bag dust collector


Food machinery manufacturers, dryer dust collectors in practical applications mainly adopt the following process design technical solutions:

1.Design of the ventilation  dust removal system at the end of the dryer

In the design, the dryer bag dust collector is used as the first-level dust removal, which  only simplifies the process flow, reduces system resistance, but also reduces system air leakage.

2. Working temperature

The allowed high temperature of the dryer bag dust collector is ≤180 ℃. Flue gas above this temperature must  directly enter the dust collector,  the "cold air valve" installed on the air inlet pipe is mixed with atmospheric cooling measures to automatically adjust the flue gas temperature.

3.Selection of anti-condensation filter

After special treatment, the glass fiber filter has excellent anti-condensation performance  high strength, especially the folding resistance  abrasion resistance are several times higher than the plain glass fiber filter, low resistance, high dust removal efficiency, stability  reliability.

4.Filtering wind speed

The filtering wind speed (m / min) refers to the air flow rate passing through the filter cloth per unit area, that is, the air-to-cloth ratio (m3 / m2 · min). The filtering wind speed  only determines the size of the dust collector, but also has a decisive influence on the dust removal efficiency, dust collector resistance, dust removal effect,  filter bag life. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers have suggested that in order to ensure the high efficiency  low resistance of the dust collector, the wind speed of glass fiber filter material is usually selected to be <0.5m / min.

5. Anti-condensation technical measures

The air intake duct, casing  ash hopper of the dust collector all adopt thermal insulation measures to reduce the heat dissipation of the casing,  the thermal insulation layer is also conducive to the heat storage of the equipment. Actual use proves that this measure makes the temperature difference between the inlet  outlet of the baghouse dust collector smaller,  achieves the expected thermal insulation effect.

6.Microcomputer automatic control system

The key of the bag filter of the dryer is the ash cleaning,  the quality of the ash cleaning is related to the ash cleaning control mechanism. The microcomputer control cabinet we developed has proven in long-term production practice: reliable application, convenient parameter adjustment,  guarantee The bag dust collector works normally.

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