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How to perform routine maintenance on a capsule filling machine


It is very important to use the capsule filling machine correctly. The daily maintenance of the capsule filling machine is also important. So how to carry out the daily maintenance of the capsule filling machine?

1. The capsule filling machine is a vibration machine,  the tightening of the screws in various parts should be checked frequently. If it is loose, it should be tightened in time to prevent failure  damage.

2. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers remind plexiglass parts (worktable, medicine board) to avoid direct sunlight  close to high temperature. Do  place heavy objects. The medicine board must be placed vertically  flat to avoid deformation  damage.

3. The housing  body of the appliance must be grounded to ensure safety  cut off the power after the work.

4. The brewing machinery manufacturer advises that after the work is done every day, the drug residues on the machine  the mold holes should be cleaned in time to keep the whole machine clean  hygienic,  avoid washing the host with water. If the mold on the machine needs to be cleaned, it can be removed by loosening the fixing screws, which is easy to install.

Common faults  maintenance of capsule filling machine

1. The vibration is  ideal, adjust the voltage.

2. The spring screws are loose  tighten the screws.

3. The capsule shells are lined up in the working table, the mouth is higher  lower,  the height of the offset plate  the guide rail are adjusted.

4. The capsule shell is turned down too much (more than 3%),  the vibrator is  adjusted properly. Due to the adjustment of the appropriate voltage  the size of the capsule shell is out of specification, a qualified capsule shell is selected.

5. The capsule shell is stuck on the platen  cannot drop. Replace the capsule shell  adjust the position of the offset plate  the platen hole.

6. The mold cannot be reset in the track, the compression spring at the back of the guide rail is stuck  the capsule deformation is stuck. Reinstall the spring  ejector,  push the push rod down to push the jammed capsule down.

Guangxi Zhongmeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the China-ASEAN Economic Park, 36 kilometers north of Nanning City, the site of the ASEAN Expo. The park is developed by the state  is a large overseas Chinese investment city. Guangxi Zhongmeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is Jimei Holdings The group invested in Nanning City  integrates scientific research, production  management into an enterprise specializing in the research, development  production of food  pharmaceutical machinery  equipment. The products sell well all over the country  are exported to Southeast Asia. They are trusted  praised by users  enjoy a high reputation in the domestic industry.

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