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Foodmachinerymanufacturers Advantages working principle of microwave drying equipment


Microwave drying equipment works by using microwave penetrating heating to increase the temperature of the material, so that the moisture in the material is vaporized  evaporated,  the evaporated water vapor is sent by the dehumidification system to achieve the purpose of drying the material.

Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers, the advantages of microwave drying equipment are:

1.Dry quickly

Microwave drying is completely different  traditional drying methods. It is a process of making the material to be dried itself a heating body, which does  require heat conduction. Therefore, although it is a material with poor thermal conductivity, it can reach the drying temperature in a very short time. Microwave drying equipment

2.Energy saving  efficient

Since a substance containing moisture easily absorbs microwaves  generates heat, there is almost no loss other than a small amount of transmission loss. Therefore, it has high thermal efficiency  energy saving. It saves energy by more than 1/3 than infrared drying. Microwave drying equipment.

3.Dry evenly

Regardless of the shape of each part of the object, microwave drying can make the surface of the object uniformly penetrate electromagnetic waves at the same time  generate thermal energy. Therefore, the drying uniformity is good,  the phenomenon of endogenous coke will  occur. Microwave drying equipment

4.Advanced technology

As long as the microwave power is controlled, immediate drying  termination can be achieved. Programmable automation control of drying process  drying process specifications can be performed by using human-machine interface  PLC.

5, sterilization, mildew resistance, freshness

Microwave drying has thermal  biological effects,  can be sterilized  mildew-proof at lower temperatures. Because the drying speed is fast  the time is short, the activity of the materials  the vitamins in the food, the original color  nutritional components can be saved to a large extent.

6. Safe  harmless

Because microwave energy is controlled to work in metal-made dry rooms  waveguides, there is very little leakage of microwaves, no radiation hazards  harmful gas emissions, no waste heat  dust pollution, neither food nor the environment.

Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers


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