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CX Model automatic chromatography separating unit

CX Model automatic chromatography separating unit

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  • release date:2020-03-23
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Structure of chromatography column

The structure of chromatography column is well designed with reasonable height-diameter rate. The precise inlet  outlet fluid distributing device is equipped with automatic filling system  air  compressed air connector to guarantee the filling effect of chromatography column  the regeneration effect of filler so as to provide guarantee for the high efficiency separation.

Functions  characteristics

It is widely used for extraction  refining of effective components in waste water treatment, protein, enzyme, monosaccharide, amylose  plant. The characteristics of chromatography separation are as follows: the operation condition is moderate (normal temperature,  normal pressure generally); the mixture can obtain multiple pure components at one time; precise separation is available so as to obtain products of high purity. Combining modern computer automatic control technology  technical parameter online detection technology, the unit has upgraded  reformed the traditional manual chromatography equipment to enhance the reliability  repetition. The equipment is easy for magnifying the chromatography technology to solve the problem of industrialized production.

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