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Working principle working process of can sealing machine


The can sealing machine is mainly used for the production of various types of juice drinks  tea drinks. At the same time, a small number of parts can be replaced, which can be used for the production of pure water  mineral water. Today, food machinery manufacturers introduce to you the working principle  working process of canning  sealing machines.

Working principle of can sealing machine

The filling system includes an exhaust valve, a filling cylinder, a liquid level control device, a filling valve lifting cylinder, a filling cylinder height adjustment device, etc .; the power comes  the capping machine,  the speed ratio is changed by a sprocket transmission. It is transmitted to the reducer, the gear on the output shaft of the reducer, the driving filling cylinder  related components. In addition, the tank inlet conveyor is self-equipped  the tank outlet conveyor is equipped with a capper.

Work flow of can sealing machine

First, the startup work of the can sealing machine

1. Each lubricating point of the can sealing machine can be lubricated with artificial oil gun  lubricated manually, except for automatic oil delivery.

2. Before production, first turn the handwheel by hand,  when turning, press the arrow mark of the wheel to check whether the parts such as the tank inlet, the lower cover, the turntable  the machine head are complete  normal.

3. After inspecting each part, start the motor, but still have to use the intermittent engagement mode to pull the clutch by hand to make the whole machine run briefly,  then idling for a moment.

4. Start the vacuum pump system equipped with the can sealing machine first. This machine can only be operated when the vacuum storage tank reaches the specified vacuum degree.

5. Before can sealing, the can sealing machine should be operated for a while, which can make it more stable in work.

Working of can sealing machine

1. Before sealing the tank, check whether the lid  the raw materials in the tank are consistent.

2. During the process of sealing the tank, pay attention to whether the vacuum degree is within the specified range.

3. In the process of can sealing, professionals should stick to their posts  use special cloths to wipe  clean the surface of the can sealing machine.

3. Maintenance after sealing

1. After the production is finished, the power switch of the can sealing machine should be turned off, the vacuum system should be turned off,  the can sealing machine should be washed  cleaned.

2. Open the vacuum chamber of the can sealing machine  rinse the vacuum chamber.

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