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Foodmachinerymanufacturers Installation debugging method of vegetable washing machine


Talking about the installation  debugging methods of vegetable washing machines, vegetable washing machines have been widely used in our lives, but how to debug them during use, the following food machinery manufacturers will explain to you about vegetables What is the installation  commissioning method of the washing machine before it works again.

1. Before using the vegetable washing machine, it should be placed on a dry  ventilated horizontal ground to ensure the smooth  reliable operation of the equipment.

2. Check all parts before use, whether the fasteners are loose during transportation, whether the power cord is damaged during transportation,  whether there are foreign objects between the brush rollers.

3. Check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the voltage used by the vegetable washer (usually 220V  380V, which should be explained to the manufacturer before purchase). The vegetable washing machine uses a bubble water bath for cleaning. This washing machine uses bubble cleaning, mainly used for cleaning leafy vegetables,  can be customized according to product requirements. A bubble generating device is provided in the equipment to make the material roll, remove the pesticide residue on the product surface,  at the same time, an appropriate amount of medicine can be added to disinfect  fix the color. Floating matter can overflow  the overflow tank,  sediment can be discharged  the sewage outlet. To achieve the purpose of cleaning. Bubble cleaning machine is designed for materials with high requirements for shape, mainly used for cleaning, soaking of granular, leafy, rhizome products such as vegetables, fruits, aquatic products,  Chinese herbal medicine.

4. When the vegetable washing machine is connected, the power cord on the device is stretched,  the yellow-green wire with the ground symbol is reliably grounded. The remaining three cores are connected to the outlet of the 5A circuit breaker,  the circuit breaker is firmly fixed. Winemaking machinery manufacturers, food dryers are also known as mesh belt dryers, which pass the materials to be processed through appropriate spreading mechanisms, such as star distributors, swing belts, pulverizers  granulators,  distribute them in On the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt passes through a channel composed of one  several heating units. Each heating unit is equipped with an air heating  circulation system. Each channel has one  more dehumidification systems. When the belt passes, the hot air Pass the material on the conveyor  top to bottom   bottom to top, so that the material can be dried uniformly. Turn off the circuit breaker  check whether the rotation direction of the brush roller is the same as that required by the manufacturer. Otherwise, adjust the two iron cores until the operation direction is correct  test run at no load.

5. There should be no shock vibration  abnormal sound when the vehicle is running. Otherwise, it should be stopped for inspection. After troubleshooting, connect the water source  align the drainage  dust removal tray with the floor drain,  then test the machine.

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