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Maintenance of common malfunctions of decoction machines


First, the top lid of the decoction soup leaks

At present, there are two kinds of locking methods on the lid of the decoction machine: sliding  locking the handle, the leakage of sliding is relatively small,  the leakage of the locking handle is basically caused by the lack of tightening  uneven tightening. Can solve the problem of tightening  diagonal tightening of the handle.

The sealing ring under the soup cover is aging  damaged,  the sealing ring should be replaced. After aging, the sealing ring leaks directly during cooking because it cannot be completely sealed. At this time, we should check whether the sealing ring is aging  damaged.

Second, the squeeze device  rotating handwheel cannot be used normally.

During the cooking process, when the handwheel rotates, it feels very hard  does  move at all. At this time, it proves that the upper bearing of the squeeze rod lacks lubricating oil  the bearing is damaged, refueling  replacing the bearing.

 During the extrusion process, when the handwheel rotates, there will also be obvious air leakage phenomenon in the extrusion rod seat. At this time, it proves that the internal PTFE gasket has been damaged  needs to be replaced immediately.

Air leakage at the connection between the pressure gauge  the lid

1. The fastening nut on the other side of the pan lid is loose  fastened.

The seal at the joint is damaged  replaced.

Fourth, the safety valve can  exhaust, the pressure gauge shows a pressure of 0.3mpa.

The safety valve is basically blocked by debris  small holes,  the safety valve is cleaned to make it unobstructed.

The safety valve is damaged  needs to be replaced.

Fifth, the heating is normal, the electric control box is normal,  the pressure gauge does  display the pressure.

Open the exhaust valve at the bottom of the pressure gauge to see if it is vented. If there is no exhaust, foreign matter will block the hole  clean it to make it unobstructed.

If vented, the pressure gauge will be damaged  replaced.

When you lift the lid again, you cannot open it all.

The squeeze plate is  completely rotated to the upper end, the handwheel is rotated in the opposite direction until it cannot rotate,  then the lid is lifted.

There is negative pressure in the decoction machine structure. It can be opened after opening the exhaust valve.

When the power is turned on, the heating indicator will light up, but the temperature will  rise.

After the heating mode is started, the temperature does  rise, indicating that there is a problem between the heating plate  the internal circuit of the motor. At this time, report the maintenance situation to professional maintenance personnel.

After pressing the stop button, the heating indicator goes out  the pressure rises.

At this point, we can't tell if it is a circuit board  other problem, but we must be a problematic appliance. We should immediately turn off the power switch  unplug the power cord  have it repaired by professionals.

Nine, liquid leaks  connected liquid strings

Decoction leakage occurs in many pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers during the use of decoction equipment. The leakage is basically the valve is  tightly closed,  the valve is worn  leaked, so it is necessary to replace the valve.

Ten, machine leakage

Nowadays, many electrical products are leaking. If there is leakage, we must first ground the wires  then check the relevant electrical components inside the machine. The main cause of leakage is in the motor

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