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Four common problems solutions of round bottle labeling machine


First, the bottom paper is broken

The bottom paper break is closely related to the three factors of the quality of the label backing paper, the scratching of the backing paper in the label pulling path,  the label adhesion.

Check whether the backing paper is cut. If the backing paper is cut, replace the backing paper with good quality. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers recommend the use of glassine paper,  the label supplier is required to control the depth of die-cutting, so as  to damage the paper.

Check whether there are any scratches in the label detour  eliminate the scratch factors.

If the label sticks, the label is easy to tear. Control the length of the next label to ensure that it does  stick to the labeled product.

Second, the deviation is more than 2 mm

The label deviation is deviated  the label tape, the label tape direction is  parallel to the product conveyance direction, the traction wheel is slippery, the product positioning detection is  accurate,  the label is  attached to the product along the labeling roller. There are several factors related to the product error. Check the above. These factors should be addressed in a targeted manner.

The label is off, loosen the traction mechanism, pull the label back  forth,  let it automatically straighten. After the label is straight, clamp the limit rings on both sides to guide the label.

The direction of the tape is  parallel to the direction of product conveyance,  it can be achieved by adjusting the inclination of the labeling head.

The traction wheel slips, the traction wheel is worn,  the traction wheel lock screw is loose. There are two reasons for tightening the traction wheel lock screw.

Product error. During the production process, the edge error will cause labeling deviation. Only by controlling the product quality can it be solved.

Third, continuous bidding

The continuous bidding  bidding out are  completely related to the detection sensitivity of the electric eye,  the sensitivity can be adjusted. For the adjustment method, please refer to the previous chapter of the electric eye adjustment.

If the adjustment of the electric eye still cannot be solved, the label may exceed the applicable scope of the selected electric eye,  the electric eye is damaged, please consult the manufacturer.

Another reason is that the label is off,  the electric eye does  detect the label. Adjust the electric eye back  forth to the detection position.

Fourth, the bottom of the board is loose

The slack of the backing paper  the low traction speed are related to the slip of the traction mechanism. If the traction speed is too low, increasing the traction speed can be solved;

If the traction mechanism is slipping, tighten the locking screw of the traction roller until the bottom paper does  slip.

In addition, pay attention to whether the drive belt behind the take-up shaft is broken.

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