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brewing machinery manufacturers Heat exchanger

brewing machinery manufacturers Heat exchanger

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Food machinery manufacturers

1. Partition wall heat exchanger Partition wall heat exchanger is two fluids with different temperatures flowing in the space separated by the wall surface,  the heat is exchanged between the two fluids through the heat conduction of the wall surface  the convection of the fluid on the wall surface. Partition wall heat exchangers include shell  tube, sleeve  other types of heat exchangers. Partition heat exchangers are the most widely used heat exchangers. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers

2. Regenerative heat exchangers Regenerative heat exchangers transfer heat  high-temperature fluids to low-temperature fluids through a heat storage body composed of solid matter. After the heat medium reaches a certain temperature by heating the solid matter, the cold medium passes through the solid. The substance is heated to achieve the purpose of heat transfer. Regenerative heat exchangers include rotary  valve switching types.

3. Fluid connection indirect heat exchanger The fluid connection indirect heat exchanger is a heat exchanger that connects two surface heat exchangers with a heat carrier circulating in them. The heat carrier is in a high temperature fluid heat exchanger  a low temperature. Circulate between fluids, receive heat at high temperature fluid,  release heat to low temperature fluid at low temperature fluid heat exchanger.

4. The direct contact heat exchanger is also called a hybrid heat exchanger. This type of heat exchanger is a device that directly contacts two fluids  mixes with each other for heat exchange, such as a cold water tower  a gas condenser.

5. The compound heat exchanger has two types of heat exchange equipment: steam-water surface indirect heat exchange  water-water direct mixed heat exchange. Compared with steam-water surface indirect heat exchange, it has higher heat exchange efficiency; compared with steam-water direct mixed heat exchange, it has higher stability  lower unit noise.


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