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brewing machinery manufacturers Centrifugal pump

brewing machinery manufacturers Centrifugal pump

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The basic structure of a centrifugal pump is composed of eight parts. The brewing machinery manufacturers are: impeller, pump body, pump cover, water retaining ring, pump shaft, bearing, seal ring, stuffing box,  axial force balancing device.

1. Impeller is the core part of centrifugal pump, it has high speed  high output force.

2. The pump body is also called the pump casing, which is the main body of the pump. It plays a supporting  fixing role  is connected with the bracket on which the bearing is installed.

3. The role of the pump shaft is to connect the motor  the motor through a coupling to transmit the torque of the motor to the impeller, so it is the main component for transmitting mechanical energy.

4. Sealing ring is also called leakage reducing ring.

5. The stuffing box is mainly composed of stuffing, so that the water in the pump does  flow to the outside  the outside air does  enter the pump. Always keep the vacuum inside the pump! When the pump shaft  the filler friction produce heat, it is necessary to inject water into the water seal ring to cool the filler!

6. Axial force balancing device. During the operation of the centrifugal pump, because the liquid enters the impeller under low pressure  flows out under high pressure, the pressure on both sides of the impeller is different,  an axial thrust is directed in the direction of the inlet. It will cause the axial movement of the rotor, causing wear  vibration. Therefore, an axial thrust bearing should be provided to balance the axial force.

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