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pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers Cardboard filter

pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers Cardboard filter

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Cardboard filters are most commonly used in program-controlled switches  computer room constant temperature  humidity air conditioners, as well as in central new fan units  ventilation systems. Used for pre-filtration of air compressors, clean room return air filtration, pre-filtration of high-efficiency filtering devices, etc.

The filter material is folded into a high-strength felt  cardboard, the area facing the wind increases,  the dust particles in the incoming air are effectively blocked by the filter material between the fold  the fold. Clean air flows evenly  the other side. The airflow is therefore smooth  uniform through the filter. Depending on the filter media. The size of the particles it intercepts varies  0.5um to 5um. Filtration efficiency is also different. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers

The outer frame of the cardboard filter is generally divided into a general cardboard frame  a high-strength die-cut cardboard. The filter element is a pleated fiber filter material lined with a single-sided metal wire mesh. The general cardboard outer frame is used to manufacture non-standard filters, which can be used to produce filters of any specifications. It has high strength  should  be deformed. High-strength felt  cardboard are used to make standard specifications of filters, which are characterized by high specification accuracy  low cost. If the imported surface fiber  synthetic fiber filter material is used, its various performance indicators can reach  exceed the similar products of imported filters.

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