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pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers Vacuum dryer

pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers Vacuum dryer

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Vacuum dryer is a vacuum low temperature equipment for heating materials. Vacuum dryer is used for dehydration  drying of high value-added, heat-sensitive agricultural  sideline products, health products, food, medicinal materials, fruits  vegetables, chemical raw materials, etc .; for low-temperature concentration of chemical products, removal of crystal water,  enzyme preparation Drying, vacuum extraction of Chinese herbal medicine, suitable for experiments in scientific research institutions. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers, features: cuboid studio, can fully use the effective volume, microcomputer temperature controller, accurate  reliable temperature control. ⒉Toughened, bullet-proof double-glazed glass door allows you to observe the objects in the working room at a glance,  can fill the interior with inert gas. ⒊The tightness of the box door can be adjusted. The integrally formed silicone rubber door seal ring ensures high vacuum in the box. ⒋ Studio is made of polished mirror stainless steel to ensure durability. ⒌ Storage, heating, testing  drying are carried out in the absence of oxygen  filled with inert gas, so no oxidation. ⒍The shortest heating time, compared with the traditional vacuum drying box, the heating time is reduced by more than 50%.

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