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Food machinery manufacturers Candle type diatomaceous earth filter

Food machinery manufacturers Candle type diatomaceous earth filter

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Diatomite filtration refers to a coating filter that uses a diatomite coating as a filter layer,  mainly uses a mechanical sieving action to treat a water filtration treatment process containing fine suspended matter. The core part of the filter is composed of a filter screen, a support net  an outer frame. Each filter element is a tube with a hole as a skeleton,  the outer surface is wrapped with silk,  the silk is coated with a diatomaceous earth coating. The filter element is fixed on the partition,  the upper  lower partitions are a raw water chamber  a clean water chamber. Brewing machinery manufacturers

The entire filtration cycle is divided into three steps: membrane, filtration  backwashing. The thickness of the filter membrane is generally 2-3 mm,  the particle size of the diatomaceous earth is 1-10 μm. After filtration, water  compressed air  both are often used for backwashing. The advantages of diatomite filtration are good treatment effect, small amount of washing water (less than 1% of production water),  small area (less than 10% of ordinary sand). Filter area)

Diatomite filter is suitable for clarification  filtration of fruit wine, white wine, health wine, wine, syrup, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar,  biological products such as medicine, chemical industry  other liquid products.

1) Beverage industry: fruit  vegetable juice, tea drinks, beer, rice wine, fruit wine, white wine, wine, etc .;

2) Sugar industry: sucrose, fructose syrup, high fructose syrup, glucose syrup, beet sugar, honey, etc .;

3) Pharmaceutical industry: antibiotics, vitamins, synthetic plasma, Chinese medicine extracts, etc .;

4) Condiments: vinegar, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, etc .;

5) Chemical products: resin, inorganic acid, organic acid, alcohol, benzene, aldehyde, ether, etc .;

6) Others: gelatin, bone glue, seaweed gum, vegetable oil, starch, etc.

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