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Food machinery manufacturers What should I pay attention to when cleaning winemaking equipment?


Want to improve beer quality? Is your brewing equipment cleaned  sterilized? It is important to know that in addition to the brewing process, the cleanliness of brewing equipment in the beer production process is also closely related to the quality of the finished wine. In order to ensure the quality of wine, we must pay attention to the following issues when cleaning  disinfecting winemaking equipment.

1. The cleaning agent should have lubricating, dissolving, penetrating, saponifying  digesting functions,  has low corrosivity, cost  effect,  environmental protection requirements.

2. Use a stream of water with a certain impact strength to flush the attachments on the surface of the winemaking equipment,  then, the cleaning agent plays a physical  chemical role under the synergy of temperature  surface substances.

Precautions when cleaning brewing equipment

3. The equipment to be cleaned must be closed; the cleaning liquid must be in direct contact with the dirt; the cleaned dirt must be completely discharged  the equipment in a flowing manner to prevent recontamination of the dirt.

If it is  cleaned strictly according to the above method, it may cause contamination to the brewing equipment again! So be sure to pay attention!

The main equipment contacted during the beer production process includes saccharification pot, gelatinization pot, boiling pot, wort transition machine ( filter tank), cold wort pipeline, drunk tank, wort cooler, beer transition machine, drunk mother Add pumps, beer delivery pipes, spill tanks, fillers,  various pipe fittings used in production. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers remind cleaning the brewing equipment to try to remove the dirt on the tank, pipeline  equipment surface as much as possible. If the cleaning  sterilization is  completed, the residual scale  the reproduction of emblem organisms on the inner wall of the equipment will weaken the effect of the bactericide.

In winter, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of winemaking equipment. Here are a few tips for maintaining winemaking equipment.

1. Clean the dust  oil of the rotating parts of the brewing equipment  fill it with grease.

2. Put all the cooling liquids out,  run the equipment for two minutes after the cooling is completed,  the remaining cooling liquids in the dryer body.

3. Shut down the power line equipment with power cord,  cut off the power supply. At the same time, remove the power cord  mark it well. Place it in a safe place for safekeeping  registration.

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