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brewing machinery manufacturers Working principle of automatic filling machine


Filling machine, as its name implies, is a mechanical device that encapsulates various forms of objects such as liquids, gases, powders, etc. It is a type of packaging equipment. According to different filling objects, filling machines can be divided into: liquid filling machines, gas filling machines, aerosol filling machines, powder filling machines, etc .; according to the level of automation, filling machines are often It is divided into: automatic filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine, etc .; With the gradual increase of domestic labor costs, the development of automatic filling machine equipment will pay more attention to automatic  intelligent, below  winemaking machinery Let's take a look at the working principle of the filling machine together.

Working principle of automatic filling machine:

1. The full-automatic linear liquid filling machine uses the forward  backward movement of the cylinder to simultaneously move the piston in the material tank to reverse the movement, so that the front cavity of the material tank generates negative pressure,  the stroke of the oxygen cylinder is controlled by the signal valve , You can adjust the filling volume, so as to achieve accurate filling results.

2. Full-automatic liquid filling production line is a filling linkage line composed of full-automatic linear liquid filling machine, automatic capping machine  automatic capping machine. There is strong connectivity between various packaging equipment in modern enterprises, which can  only be used in a single machine, but also can be flexibly used with other types of equipment. The filling production line has such characteristics. According to industry insiders, the automatic liquid filling production line can also be equipped with automatic labeling machines, coding machines, shrink film packaging machines, etc., which is very flexible  convenient.

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