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Food machinery manufacturers Bright beer tank

Food machinery manufacturers Bright beer tank

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  • release date:2020-03-23
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●The beer fermentor is made of high quality stainless steel (2B  high precision polishing), the outer wrapping is made of 2mm high quality stainless steel (the surface can be selected 2B  high precision polishing),  the intermediate medium adopts high-performance heat preservation polyurethane. Requirements for a variety of product design  manufacturing.

●(1  2 sections) / Bottom jacket / Side  bottom foreskin / Side jacket / Side jacket / Bottom jacket / Side  bottom cover / Adjustable legs with adjustable legs.

●Interface: PVRV / CO 2 outlet / refrigerant inlet / outlet / Pt100 interface / sampling port / side manhole / CIP interface / wort inlet with yeast outlet / elbow beer outlet / dry hops additives.

●Capacity: 1BBL-300BBL.

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